Scenes from Libya
"Scenes from Libya" Exhibition
This exhibition aims to present the beauty and diversity of this significant, but still too little known, country and its peoples. The exhibit includes images from Tripoli, the Mediterranean coast, the Roman cities of Lebda and Sabratha as well as photographs from Fezzan and the southwestern interior including the Awbari Sand Sea, the Akakus Mountains, Neolithic rock carvings and the Tuaregs and their camels.

Rosalind Waddams, a petroleum geologist, returned to Libya in 1999 and became fascinated by this wonderful country during her 15-month stay. She hopes that her photographs convey the drama of the spectacular landscapes as well as the warmth and hospitality of the Libyan people.

Sample Images

Exhibition now showing at the Jamahiriya School, 36a Glebe Place, London SW3 5JP. Please call 0207 352 6642 for details.